Root & Branch

Traditional music from the British Isles, Ireland and the Appalachian mountains.

New album out now - "a veritable wall of attitude and understanding that’s couched in a blistering swoon of driven sound..." - Folk Radio

Root & Branch play the traditional music of Britain, Ireland and the Appalachian mountains. The band consists of five musicians from both sides of the Atlantic, with diverse influences and backgrounds that create a distinctive and energetic sound.

Equipped with fiddles, cello, mandolin, tenor banjo, bouzouki and voices, the band’s repertoire includes fresh interpretations of jigs, reels, old time fiddle tunes, ballads and songs. From intimate house shows to festival stages, Root & Branch have engaged and thrilled audiences across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

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A Breath Against The Calm

Our first album. Eight tracks, out now!

"...a veritable wall of attitude and understanding that’s couched in a blistering swoon of driven sound, complete with forthright singing and some remarkable and very persuasive musicianship." (Folk Radio)

“...high points come from recently composed work that should be finding its way into the tradition: Martyn Bennett’s tune ‘Shputnik in Glenshiel’ (here just as ‘Shputnik’) and ‘The Road to Germany’. The latter has the feel of an old song - ‘High Germany’, for instance – but is absolutely of today, telling the story of a young Syrian refugee’s journey to Europe." (Songlines, March 2019 print edition

"Root & Branch’s debut album follows a well-received EP from 2015. The wait has been worth it... There's masses of talent here." (The Living Tradition)

Overground EP

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"A tremendous, high-octane set replete with fantastic presence and rich, stylish textures. Sometimes a touch rough-house, but much the better for that." (fRoots, November 2015 print edition)

"If an EP is an appetizer for an album then this one should have you slavering with anticipation like a a starving mutt outside a butcher's window." (Danny Farragher, Folkall)

"Its approach switches effortlessly through energetic jigs and polkas, Appalachian old-time and Highland reels. Although there’s energy here this is more than foot-stamping music, there’s also an English anti-war song and a finely delivered American love song... As ever, my measure of an EP is does it leave you wanting more? The verdict? Absolutely, and let’s hope an album soon sees the light of day." (FolkWords)