A Breath Against The Calm

Released November 2018. Our second record and first full-length album featuring eight tracks of traditional and self-penned tunes and songs from England, Scotland, Ireland and the USA. Buy the CD or digital copies online via Bandcamp, or get one of us in person at a gig! You can also stream the album via Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and elsewhere.


“...a veritable wall of attitude and understanding that’s couched in a blistering swoon of driven sound, complete with forthright singing and some remarkable and very persuasive musicianship.

The album contains just eight tracks – four instrumental sets and four songs. Six of the eight tracks clock in at well over five minutes, but there’s no letup in the excitement value and none feel at all prolonged or outstay their welcome…

Yep, Root & Branch’s A Breath Against The Calm (how apt a title) is sure to figure on my year’s-best of lists (tho’ sadly it’s been released too late to get into some of this year’s polls). They’re a band with a hell of a presence, and this is real hairs-on-the-back-of-the-neck time!” (Folk Radio)